Mourning Comfort - Grief Coaching Program

Grief coaching is a short term program to companion with you on your grief journey.  Packaged in six session blocks, together we design your own Individualized Bereavement Plan, setting the goal you have for yourself and finding your best tools to accomplish it.  

Guilt? Regret? Anger? Overwhelming sorrow?  These are all normal parts of grief, but leaning into them and allowing yourself to feel the emotions without being crushed under their weight may require someone to walk along side you.  Grief Coaching is different from counseling in that it is short term and allows you to set your own goals and timetable and method to determine the pace of your own grief journey.  Mourning Comfort Grief Coaching gives permission to do grief in your own time, in your own way. 

Michelle Rutz knows first hand the value of leaning into your pain and finding the tools to to help deal with grief because she, herself, is a bereaved parent.  She is also a credentialed teacher with a Master's degree in Professional Development incorporating adult learning theory, is currently in a psychology doctoral program and is working on a Death and Grief Studies Certificate from The Center for Loss and Life Transition.

Sessions can be done in your home or my office.  Skype sessions are also be available for long distance coaching.