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KINTSUGI- The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold.

This is a special gift for mourning a friend or family member to demonstrate that even when we feel broken from grief or loss, healing is possible. There is a way that we can put ourselves and our lives back together again. It will never look the same that it did before it was broken but it can actually become even more beautiful and valuable.


✉️ INTRODUCTION CARD - This card introduces the purpose of this box and is the first thing the person will see when opening the box.

🌟 KINTSUGI - Hand-crafted individually broken bowl mended with gold. Bowl’s gold cracks will vary because each bowl breaks differently. Symbolizes that even when we feel broken from grief, there is a way we can put ourselves back together, piece by piece, and even become more beautiful than before. Comes with small card with comforting messages inside.

✨ KINTSUGI BROCHURE - This brochure outlines detailed descriptions of the Kintsugi process and its relationship with grief and loss, so that the recipient will not be left in confusion of the intended deeper meaning behind this gift. Written by a psychologist who specializes in grief therapy and has experienced loss herself.

💙 POEM WITH KINTSUGI HEART STONE - This poem attached with 0.8” heart stone is written by our brother/son, Kenny Rutz, who passed in 2012 and was the loving heart in our family. Every Comfort Box is hand crafted and blessed with love in memory of him.


If you would like to add a message please add it when checking out. It will prompt to ask you at checkout if you would like to write a note with your gift. 


Single Bowl Comfort Box

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